What will I learn?

You will graduate with the knowledge to formulate physiotherapeutic diagnoses and provide appropriate programs of therapeutic exercise and treatments to those primarily with physical conditions.

Studies in behavioural and biomedical science, as well as clinical experience will prepare you for employment as entry-level physiotherapists in a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, community health centres, rehabilitation centres, and private practices.

You will also develop skills in learning, problem solving and decision making, which are essential for continued high-level practice as a physiotherapist.

This course includes practical experience through workplace learning.


Name Qualification Phone
Mr. ANUP NAIR MPT Rehabilitation Associate Professor Experience - 7 Years 09946751660
Mr. NANDAKUMAR T P MPT Pediatrics,BPT Assistant Professor Experience - 5 Years 09446830546
Prof. SREEJITH K MPT in Musculoskeletal & Orthopedics Professor Experience - 8.10 Years 04933-297093
Mr. CHACKO P. GEORGE MPT Neurological & Psychosomatic Disorders Associate Professor Experience - 8 Years 04933 297093
Prof. PREMKUMAR K MPT in Cardio-Pulmonary, BPT Professor HOD PT Experience - 11.8 Years 9746390162
Mrs. RAJANA J. M.P.T. Pediatrics Assistant Professor Experience - 5 Years 04933 297093
Mr.SUJITH S. MPT Orthopedics, BPT Assistant Professor Experience - 2 Years 04933 297093
Mrs. RASHEEDA U K MPT NEURO Assistant Professor Experience - 2 yEARS 9495641878
Mr. MOHAMED NABHAN KADER MPT in Cardio- Pulmonary Assistant Professor Experience - 0.3 Years 9995729703