Medical Laboratory Technology is an Allied Health specialty concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests. As vital members of the health care team, medical laboratory professionals play a critical role in collecting the information needed to give the best care to an ill or injured patient. The fact is, the practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed in the laboratory.

A Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) do these tests by analyzing body fluids, tissues, blood typing, microorganism screening, chemical analyses, cell counts of human body etc.


Name Qualification Phone
Prof. SWATHI T MSc MLT Biochemistry 04933 297093
Prof. THAHIRA A MSc MLT Hematology and Blood Banking 04933 297093
Mrs. VEENA T VIDYAN BSc MLT 04933 297093
Mrs. NIMISHA T K BSc MLT 04933 297093
Mrs. RASEENA M.A MSc Physiology 04933 297093
Mr.PRANAV P MSc MLT Microbiology and Immunology 04933 297093
Mrs. SOUMYA P K MSc MLT (Microbiology & Immunology) 04933 297093
Mr. DILJITH N MSc MLT (Pathology) 04933 297093
Mrs. NEETHU K P MSc MLT (Biochemistry) 04933 297093
Mrs. ANNMARIA PAUL MSc Anatomy 04933 297093